We equip our clients with the strategy and data-driven capabilities to confidently succeed in value-based care.

Improved performance of your employee health plan

Low Risk, High Reward

  • We help reduce costs and improve the health and well-being of your employees, your most valuable resources
  • And since you already have financial responsibility for this population, it’s a no-risk way to demonstrate your ability to perform in value-based contracts

Take Action with Confidence

  • We identify the impactable cost drivers and assist in designing initiatives to reduce spend and improve quality. By building internal improvement “muscle,” you are positioned to use the comprehensive set of levers available for maximum impact.
  • Since employee health plans are unique, we offer benchmarking against your peers so you have relevant comparisons to put your employee health plan performance into perspective.

Care management that creates a return

Tactics and strategy

  • A best-in-class care management function delivers on a variety of important elements, from determining where care management should be applied to performance reporting
  • We evolve your care management operation from a contractual requirement to a strategic asset.

Know your impact

  • Care managers work hard every day to support individuals to take control of their own health. That said, it’s unclear how care management translates to your bottom line.
  • Our Care Management Impact Tracker addresses the fundamental, hard-to-answer question of whether it provides a return on your investment. And, we control for biases others have deemed uncontrollable so we can help you understand the true impact of care management

Dashboards people want to use

Not Another REport

  • You’ve got plenty of questions, but you don’t have the time to play hide and seek to get answers. Front Health creates engaging data visualizations to surface insights so you can take action.

user-driven data visualizations

  • Front Health combines healthcare and design expertise to create custom visualization applications in your environment applying our user-driven, decision-focused design methodology.
  • We lead hands-on, customizable workshops to quickly enable your data visualization teams with best practices and efficient processes in design strategy and implementation.