IT Developer Hengte Zhang joins team to perform code analysis and development for client tools

Front Health puts clients first, providing insights and strategy to reach success in value-based care by giving them the intel they need to make informed decisions. To add additional functionality based on client feedback and further empower clients with decision-making tools, Front Health is excited to welcome Hengte Zhang as a new intern IT developer.

“Hengte joins our team with a wide array of skills that will allow us to enhance the functionality of our comprehensive tools,” says Hayley Studer, Executive Director. “His education in engineering, business, and analytics gives Hengte the knowledge and skill set to not only translate and update previous code, but to also work with the other team members to develop more efficient ways to design new tools for growth.”

Hengte is currently working on his Master of Science in Business Analytics at the University of California San Diego. Hengte obtained his first master’s degree at the University of California Irvine in Engineering Management, with a focus on both business and engineering. His undergraduate background is Engineering.

“As a technical guy, I am passionate about using my coding skills to solve complex business problems and then generate value to our company. I can’t wait to see how convenient and powerful the analytics tools are for our customers after they are all integrated. It should be a total upgrade,” says Hengte. “The most exciting thing is I expect the new analytics tool will generate more value to our customers than before.”

Hengte’s work will without a doubt bring a positive impact to the company and help Front Health assist clients as they move to more value-based care models, ultimately benefiting the patients, healthcare providers, and payers.

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